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Sat, Feb. 19th, 2011, 03:35 pm
wagrobanite: Research paper help

One of my classes this semester is Music Infomatics and we have to do a research paper. Here are the guidelines:

Write a single-spaced (BTW, who does single spaced anymore? Seriously?), APA style, 7 - 10 page research paper based on a subtopic in this course. Cite LIS and music literature and research journals to support your conclusions

Here's basically what my professor says is Music Infomatics:

The broad research area related to music information is known as Music Informatics. MI is emerging interdisciplinary research areas dealing with the production, distribution, and consumption of music (especially in digital formats).

MI research subtopics include music technologies such as iPods, peer-to-peer application, digital audio editors, online music search engines and Music Information Retrieval (MIR); cognitive, social, and economic issues in music; as well as improvisation and music performance. MI studies this range of topics not only to better design music search and retrieval systems, but to develop a fundamental understanding of the nature of music and its associated behaviors as well. Because MI is an emerging discipline, it is a very dynamic area of research with many competing viewpoints.

I am thinking of doing something Broadway related and I'm thinking about titling my paper "The Business of Broadway". I am specifically focusing on musicals. I would like to look at the cost of doing musicals today; and maybe looking at why Broadway isn't doing as well as it could be (reasons that I've thought about is ticket prices, the economy, stereotypes, lack of new or interesting ideas, location). 

So I'm asking you all:
a) do you think there are sources out there for it?
b) Enough of a topic to do a 7-10 page paper?
c) Know of any sources right off the top of your head that you think would be useful?

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